Depth Psychology

Our imagination is the most important aspect of who we are. Imagination is the means by which the most essential and substantial aspects of ourselves are expressed. Feelings, thoughts, language, intuitions, inspirationss, love, purpose, character, calling, are all presented to us through the medium of the imagination. The imagination is also the way by which […]

Informed Consent

The counseling relationship is a healing relationship. The focus of the relationship is on the well-being of the client. Although the goals of counseling are multi-faceted and individualistic, the purpose is to nurture authenticity and independence to become sufficiently empowered to determine one’s life according to one’s values and sensibilities. Fees, Session Length and Payment […]

My Practice


How Marriage Counseling Helps    Learn open communication skills Build safety and trust Restore intimacy and emotional engagement Reclaim a sense of togetherness in solving life’s problems Nurture autonomy, let go of control Find light-hearted enjoyment in each other’s company Most couples who come into counseling are a mixture between healthy and unhealthy styles.  The […]

Robert Johnson and the Sleeping Gypsy


During my time with Robert Johnson, he would often invite guests to his desert house in the Anza/Borrego desert in California, and a framed copy of The Sleeping Gypsy was hanging in the hallway outside the kitchen doorway.