Informed Consent

The counseling relationship is a healing relationship. The focus of the relationship is on the well-being of the client. Although the goals of counseling are multi-faceted and individualistic, the purpose is to nurture authenticity and independence to become sufficiently empowered to determine one’s life according to one’s values and sensibilities.

Fees, Session Length and Payment

The sessional fee is 130$. Sessions are typically between 60 and 90 minutes. Payments are done through Paypal, Invoices are sent once a week. Payments should be posted before the beginning of the next session.

Communication Protocols / Scheduling

Please email me at for scheduling. I will respond within 24 hours.

At the beginning of each session, I will send you an email with the link to the communication platform. The platform is user friendly and designed for telehealth counseling. On my end of the platform I have a virtual waiting area where I am notified that you are there and I can then start the session.

I recommend that we have a second form of communication, such as WhatsApp, LINE, or Skype, and also phone numbers in case there are any problems with the connection. I will send my details in my first email to you and during our first session ask that you provide your details on a short intake form. There is no need to transfer your information electronically.

The communication platform is dual encrypted ensuring that no third party interlocuters are able to access the content of communication. All subsequent records on my end are likewise kept in electronically secure locations.


Please accept my apologies for charging the rate of the session if cancelled less than 24 hours. If you do find a need to cancel, you are not obligated to give reasons, just inform me and we can work towards rescheduling another time.


All issues pertaining to confidentiality and mandated reporting are done through the effort of protecting and maintaining the safety and well-being of the client. You own your confidentiality.

According to law and professional ethics, counseling is confidential except during specific circumstances which involve physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or intent to harm oneself or others, when and if there exists a clear danger and not reporting the situation to the appropriate authorities or resources would result in significant harm. If you have questions about mandated reporting, please feel free to ask. However, in the United States, the state laws of where you are located have jurisdiction. Outside of the United States, the laws of the country you are located have jurisdiction.

If personal safety is an issue it will be important for us to openly discuss contingencies and emergency plans that are appropriate and comfortable for your situation.

Emergencies or Crises

If you are in the midst of an emergency or crisis, you are able to contact me through email or text. I will respond as soon as possible. My preference is to arrange a time to meet over the secure platform, but if this is not convenient or untimely, then using social apps or phone is appropriate. It goes without saying that emergency calls should be reserved for emergencies. If it becomes apparent that this is a pattern or habit, please understand that this will become a point of exploration for its therapeutic value.

Ending Therapy

The counseling relationship is unique in that it does create a safe and consistent place to share personal details. However, the counseling relationship is not meant to be permanent, but rather, a temporary period to gather strength and momentum in order to actualize lessons and insights. There are no specific time frames or number of sessions that determine when the counseling relationship should come to a conclusion, it often happens when personal goals are met and/ or there is a strong intuition or feeling that it is time to bring the sessions to a close. It is important to periodically discuss and assess where you see yourself within the healing process and how the counseling is supporting you. Decreasing the number of sessions, checking in periodically, finding other more suitable resources or formally ending counseling are all viable options. As counselor, I am committed to serving your best interests wherever those may be.