Somatic Practices for Anxiety and Stress

Somatic practices shift focus inwards towards experiencing sensations within the body. Emotions and thoughts are viewed as qualities regardless of content that can be observed, worked upon, and changed through breathwork, meditation, and movement.

As a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, I teach Pranayama Breathwork and Kundalini Kriyas as techniques to transform the physiological and energetic systems underlying emotions and thoughts.

From a Yogic perspective, thoughts are vibrations that arise from emotions. Emotions are seen as an important component of our senses helping us to tune into the environment to detect danger or opportunity.  When our emotions are out of balance, we become vulnerable to distortions -by either over estimationg danger, or getting ourselves into danger by compromising our personal boundaries.

When these techniques are used in conjunction with psychotherapy, they become a powerful method for transforming deeply held emotional patterns.

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