Todd B. Peyton, MA, LPC

Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy

Chiang Mai, Thailand

An open circle allows for imperfections.

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Integrative Counseling

Originally from Tennessee, I am a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist practicing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I specialize in Jungian dream analysis for in-depth psychotherapy.  However, I also offer situational and relationship counseling for short-term support and guidance.

My counseling is supplemented by Somatic practices. This holistic, integrative approach is highly effective to treat anxiety, relationship distress, depression, recovery from addiction and trauma, and renewing deeper levels of identit.  

Clients describe my counseling style as present, intelligent, warm, and focused.  My vision of counseling is to work collaboratively with you to find practical solutions that appeal to the sensibilities of your soul. I do not know the answers beforehand, but I do have the experience to know how to follow and trust in the healing process.

About Todd

I have over twenty years of counseling experience in addiction, front-line crisis intervention,  schools, serving as a civilian therapist with the US military overseas, and private practice.  My real training, however, comes from individual mentor relationships from multiple psychological and spiritual lineages.

The late Jungoan author, Robert Johnson, came out of retirement to do my first analysis initiating me into learning the symbolic language of dreams.  While working on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, I became the last analysand of Zurich trained Father Gregory Santos, a Trappist monk and scholar in Aquinas Theology.


In conjunction with my dreams and Santos’s application of Aquinas, I transitioned to Thailand in 2009 to study Buddhism and meditation.  I ordained as a monk periodically over seven years at Kyiatisaung Monastery in Thaton, Myanmar cultivating higher levels of meditative Janna states. 

Because I am not a renunciate, I chose to stay within the ordinary but relatable world of pursuing a career and supporting a family. As a long-standing student of Hatha Yoga, and due to a personal crisis,  I transitioned to Kundalini Yoga using breathwork and sound to directly engage and strengthen the physiological systems responsible for emotional regulation. 

I have first hand experience, not just of feeling the effects of trauma, but learning how to use this experience to reclaim self agency and restore grounded connection with my self and with others. There is no end to life’s challenges and tensions, but having a practice of embodied self awareness is a vital anchoring point.  

Jungian Dream Therapy

Dreams have been traditionally  used as the prime material for psychotherapy.  Dreams reveal the inner condition of the psyche as well as provide information for how to  heal.  The psyche, which is as real and autonomous as the body, seeks its own growth and development.

Cultivating consciousness is an integral part of psychotherapy and natural, psychological development. Dreams set up an ongoing conversation with our egos to guide us into our individual evolution. Our egos need to learn how to learn  from the deeper wisdom and intelligence of the soul.


Dreams will draw upon mythological, cultural, and personal themes and weave them together into a tapestry to efficiently convey meaning.  Because dreams originate from within ourselves, but outside our ego, dream images can at first appear strange and nonsensical.

In therapy when we focus attention on retelling dreams and begin pulling the different threads of images apart, the underlying meaning starts to take on a shape applicable to our lives. We simultaneously feel the presence of a guiding voice within us beyond our conscious direction. 

Dream work is not a science.  It cannot be replicated within controlled settings. Psychological growth is not a straight path, but labyrinthine, and we are constantly limited by perspective, almost by design, to relinquish the ego’s illusion of power and control.   

Somatic Integration

Soma is the Greek word for ‘Body’, and ‘Psyche’ is the Greek word for ‘Soul’, an animating force that brings material Bodies to life.  Psychological and emotional pressures, or  pressures that affect the soul, always manifest as physical sensations.  Even though there are no ‘physical’ causes, ‘soul’ pain is very real. 

When soul pain is felt, it causes anxiety, fear, depression, numbness, and restlessness. It is quite common to blindly react to the discomfort, or avoid it, or find ways of coping (addictions) that are destructive and harmful.  The challenge is in learning how to be present with discomfort and respond to sensations constructively. 

There are a number of Mind/Body practices used to restore the conscious connection between Body and Soul.  The goal is to create deeper levels of safety within the Body so the Soul feels freer to express itself authentically and form meaningful relationships with the world. 

In this spirit I teach the fundamental principles and practices of Kundalini Yoga using breath work, sound, and movement, to calm and transform the physiological systems responsible for emotional regulation.  When the emotions are calmed, thoughts and self perceptions will follow.

Psychologically, this new internal environment of safety makes it more possible to allow for emotional discomfort as opposed to avoidance. We shift into integrating negative sensations as sources of information to guide and support the positive needs of our authentic soul. 

Online International Counseling

I work with clients worldwide from all walks of life.  The recent pandemic has initiated a larger shift towards medical telehealth and counseling psychology is no exception. In some cases, it is actually preferred in terms of confidentiality and convenience.

There are a number of platform options available for telehealth from WhasApp, Line, Signal, Facetime, and  If you choose to reach reach out to me, no matter where you are in the world, I will respond within 24 hours to set up an appointment.



Phone (TH); +66 062 219 5395

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LINE; +66 62 219 5395

WhatsApp; +66 62 219 5395

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