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Trauma Recovery and Relationship Anxiety

Emotional trauma and relationship anxiety often go together.  Small misunderstandings can cause major emotional flooding.  People can lose self-confidence, self-identity, feel overly dependent on others or cut-off from healthy emotional exchange.

Underneath relationship anxiety are experiences of past trauma which unconsciously shape emotional reactions in the present.  People can be trapped by the emotional limitations of trauma which, like invisible magnets, remain stuck within the body until they are consciously removed.

The goal of therapy is to heal the underlying trauma by understanding where it comes from, how it operates within the body, and by replacing its negative messages at its roots with authenticity, positivity, and strength.    

Psychotherapy and Mind/Body Integration

 In addition to psychotherapy, I teach Vipassana meditation, Pranayama breathing, and Jungian dream analysis. 

Using a combination of psychotherapy and mind/body  techniques is a powerful tool for gradually uprooting emotional trauma, building confidence, and initiating change from within

When you take ownership and control over the emotions within your body, you will have more flexibility to determine responses that are best suited for you and your situation. 

I can work with you to develop an integrative program and meditation practice to meet your needs and guide you along your individual path of transformation.  

About Todd

Todd has a Masters degree in Depth counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California and an extensive background in Jungian dream analysis studying with the author Robert Johnson (He, We, She, Innerwork) and Zurich trained analyst and Catholic priest, Father Gregory Santos.   Todd transitioned to Thailand in 2009 to study comparative religion and psychology developing a strong practice in Vipassana meditation, Pranyama breathwork, and Hatha yoga. Todd has over 20 years of professional counseling experience within school settings, business consultation, front-line crisis intervention, drug and alcohol treatment centers, counseling military service members at bases overseas, and prinate practice. 


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