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Hello, my name is Todd …

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor living in Asia providing online counseling for the international community.   My main specialty is working with emotions bound up within relationships, recovering from trauma, moving through major life transitions, and exploring spiritual concerns.   I am trained in Depth psychology to open up deeper levels of awareness to support transformation and healing.

My Counseling Style …

Emotions are immediate experiences within our bodies actively  present within all situations.  Like the body, emotions have a life of their own outside of conscious control.  However, like the body, with the right knowledge and effort, there are ways of working with emotions that lead to wisdom and meaning.

During counseling we are able to stabilize emotions in order to reasonably dialogue about them.  It is important to understand the roots and patterns of our feelings as this reveals the pathway out.  

Todd B. Peyton, LPC

licensed professional counselor