Todd B. Peyton, LPC, KYI

Licensed Professional Counselor, (US); Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Specializing in Jungian Dream Analysis & Somatic Mind/Body Integration 

Online International Sessions & In-Person Chiang Mai

Integrating Jungian Dream Analysis with Kundalini Yoga

As a licensed professional counselor, I have over twenty years of psychotherapeutic experience specializing in Jungian dream work. I am also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor teaching somatic practices for emotional and psychological balancing.

Dreams use very specific emotionally toned imagery to provide a picture of the inner psyche – soul describing soul – giving valuable information for future areas of growth and healing. Kundalini yoga offers a set of techniques to actively transform and transcend self-limiting emotional and mental patterns of both body and mind.

This integrative approach is effective for treating anxiety, depression, relationship distress, and navigating exceptionally challenging life situations.


Crisis & Situational Counseling

Dream Analysis & Psychotherapy


Kundalini Yoga for Anxiety & Stress

About Todd

Originally from the United States, I am now based in Chiangmai. I have over twenty years of professional experience; school settings, employee assistance programs, teaching classes and workshops, responding to front-line critical incidents, over eight years supporting US service members at bases overseas, private practice, and teaching Kundalini yoga. 

As a Jungian I have the distinction of being the last analysand of the late author, Robert Johnson (He, We, She, Innerwork), I have also analyzed with Dr. Anita Chapman of the Jungian Intermont Society in Asheville, NC; and Father Gregory Santos, Zurich trained analyst and Aquinas Theology scholar in Flagstaff, AZ. In addition I have been supervised by the author and international lecturer Dr. Eduardo Duran (Cultural Imperialism, Buddha in Redface). 

In 2009 I transitioned to Thailand where I was invited to study Vipassana meditation at Kyiatisaung Monastery in Thaton, Myanmar.  Over a period of seven years, I ordained periodically as a monk.  Alongside my Jungian training, while living and working in rural Hawaii and Navajo Nation, I was immersed within indigenous spiritual and healing traditions. 

Most recently I have become a certified Kundalini instructor. I have studied other forms of yoga, but Kundalini is, for me, the most salient because it is specifically designed to address psychological and emotional issues through expanding consciousness.  Kundalini Yoga, Theravada Buddhism, Aquinas Theology, Indigenous Spirituality, Jungian Analytical Psychology,  and Professional Counseling all share in the same ethics and goals of supporting individual healing through the growth of higher consciousness. of Self, Others, and orientation within the larger universe.

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