Todd B. Peyton, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor (US)
Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Jungian Dream Analysis
& Mind/Body Integration 

An Integrative Approach to Counseling

Hello, my name is Todd.   Thank you for visiting this site. Finding a therapist is a very personal decision. If you are looking for a quality approach to therapy with a substantive, experienced guide to facilitate inner development, then please spare a moment to see if the following words resonate with you.

My style works the deeper boundaries between mind and body; I specialize in Jungian dream analysis as well as teach Kundalini yoga. Dreams are a reliable window into the state of the psyche while Kundalini yoga strengthens and balances the physiological systems responsible for emotional and mental regulation. 

This two-tiered approach to mind and body treats many forms of emotional and psychological unease including trauma-based anxiety, depression, feelings of disconnection or emptiness, relationship distress, and the loss of direction.

I do not focus on diagnoses or mining details about what is wrong with you. The goal is to work collaboratively with you to restore the flow and balance of life energy for cultivating empowerment, restoring authenticity, expanding consciousness, and clarifying a sense of purpose and direction.


  • Situational and Crisis Counseling
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Private Kundalini Classes
  • General Kundalini Classes
  • Kundalini Workshops and Retreats
Jungian Dream Analysis
Kundalini Yoga

Why Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini is a composition of Old-World technology developed through generations of practitioners spanning thousands of years. It is a comprehensive set of practices combining meditation, breathing, mantras, movements, and asanas for the purpose of raising and expanding consciousness. 

Kundalini works through balancing and directing the subtle energetic flow of prana that supports and controls physiological systems responsible for emotional and mental states.  When the energies are balanced, we become more grounded, centered, authentic, and connected. 

Why Work with Dreams?

Dreams are reflections of the deeper psyche without the controlling influence of the waking ego. By observing dreams, we get a clearer picture of what is happening within the unconscious providing valuable information as how to consciously become one’s true self.

Practically speaking, dreams are a blueprint, or a map, correcting the imbalances of the present, clearing the memories and experiences of the past, and detailing how to proceed into areas of future growth. Dreams use an archetypal language of symbolic imagery to communicate meaning.

About Todd

Originally from the United States, I am now based in Chiangmai. I have over twenty years professional experience in school settings, employee assistance programs, teaching classes and workshops, responding to front-line critical incidents, over eight years supporting US service members at bases overseas, private practice, and teaching Kundalini yoga. 

As a Jungian I have the distinction of being the last analysand of the late author, Robert Johnson (He, We, She, Innerwork), I have also analyzed with Dr. Anita Chapman of the Jungian Intermont Society in Asheville, NC; and Father Gregory Santos, Zurich trained analyst and Aquinas Theology scholar in Flagstaff, AZ. In addition I have been supervised by the author and international lecturer Dr. Eduardo Duran (Cultural Imperialism, Buddha in Redface). 

In 2009 I transitioned to Thailand where I was invited to study Vipassana meditation at Kyiatisaung Monastery in Thaton, Myanmar.  Over a period of seven years, I ordained periodically as a monk.  Alongside my Jungian training, while living and working in rural Hawaii and Navajo Nation, I was immersed within indigenous spiritual and healing traditions. 

Most recently I have become a certified Kundalini instructor. I have studied other forms of yoga, but Kundalini is, for me, the most salient because it is specifically designed to address psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues.  Kundalini Yoga, Theravada Buddhism, Aquinas Theology, Indigenous Spirituality, Jungian Analytical Psychology,  and Professional Counseling all share in the same ethics and goals of supporting individual healing through the expansion and growth of consciousness.

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