Situational and Crisis Counseling

The word ‘crisis’ comes from the Greek word for ‘decision’ or ‘to choose’. When we are in the midst of a crisis, we are facing decisions that have very real and significant consequences.  It takes time before the nature of the crisis reveals itself, it is at this point the situation becomes ripe enough to initiate meaningful action. Crisis counseling involves first stabilizing our minds and emotions, seeking and receiving relevant support, then developing an objective understanding of the forces behind the problem, and finally finding opportunities to implement change.

  • Relationship Distress
  • Sudden Loss / Illness
  • Bereavement
  • Adjusting to Change
  • Major Life Transitions
  • Family Concerns

No one knows how you are supposed to solve your problems;  healing is a process which takes time and experience to trust.  There is always a way through any obstacle once you arrive at an intuitive understanding of what it all means.  

Crisis and apportunity are the different sides of the same coin. Without these periods of profound challenge and trial, we would lack the ability to evolve and grow.

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