Crisis and Situational Counseling

The word ‘crisis’ comes from the Greek word for ‘decision’ or ‘to choose’. When we have a crisis in life, we are facing decisions that have very real and significant consequences.  Crisis counseling involves first stabilizing our minds and emotions then understanding the nature of the forces that characterize any given problem. 

Crisis comes in many forms.  They can be the product of a long, drawn out process or happen suddenly as is the case with accidents or illness. 

Relationship distress is often the source of crisis. The personality and will of the other person no longer coincides with yours, yet ending the relationship can be perceived as ushering greater harm.  

Life stages, cycles, and natural creative rhythms can also force us into situations where we must choose different paths that lead into the unkown. 

All of these situations can create psychological anxiety and stress especially if you do not see worthwhile options. Talking these issues out with someone supportive and objective can help frame the crisis positively so you can choose the path best suited for your situation.

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