Local Chiang Mai


My office is located in a peaceful setting in Hangdong 15 minutes south of Chiang Mai behind Compass Cafe inside the Home-in-Park muban.  I provide both psychotherapy and individual and small Kundalini yoga classes at this space. 

Chiang,ai is home to a large international community. Unfortunately I am limited to only speaking English. I have been based in Northern Thailand for over 13 years and understanding the unique challenges, from visa contigencies to relationship complexities, to seeking ways of building community.

Please contact me for rates. I have a flat rate comparable to other professional therapists of 3,500 baht per session, but if finances are a pressing issue I am happy to negotiate a fee that fits your needs.

If you would like further information, please feel comfortable to contact me.

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Please contact me regarding rates, I have a standard rate but able to negotiate fees appropriate for your situation.