Chiang Mai Counseling Services

Hello … my name is Todd.  I am a licensed professional counselor from the States with a registered counseling practice in Chiang Mai.  I have over 20 years of professional experience inside school settings, drug and alcohol recovery centers, employee assistance programs, counseling service members and families at overseas bases, front line critical incident specialist, and private practice.   

My scope of practice includes:

  • anxiety, depression, and self esteem
  • relationship and communication skills
  • grief and loss
  • divorce and separation
  • major life transitions 
  • career and life goals

Issues related to living abroad:

  • cultural adjustment
  • inter-cultural relationships
  • separation from family and support systems
  • accessing resources
  • consequential life decisions
  • school related issues

My Approach to Counseling:


Counseling is a collaborative process; I work with you to understand the nature of the problem and your unique personality.  In most cases, the goal is to find ways of resolving the underlying emotional anxiety associated with any given issue.  If you are successful in transforming negative emotional patterns, you are better equipped to manage other life challenges.

For School Related Issues:


Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to raise a family.  There are a number of qualified international schools but, at the same time, the community as a whole lacks consistent resources for students who are experiencing learning and social challenges.


I have over five years experience working as a therapist within special education as well as managing programs facilitating evaluation and qualification for exceptional services.  I am able to serve as a liaison between schools and families, consult with parents regarding accessing resources, and provide direct counseling to children and families.

Office Location:


Beginning February 13th, I am able to see clients at my office in Home in Park in Hang Dong district.