Psychotherapy / Dream Analysis

Psychotherapy is an excellent practice for people who wish to undertake personal growth. The goal is to find a pathway inward that will help provide information and context for deepening our sense of identity and life purpose. Dream analysis is the process of using spontaneously given dream material as guide and compass into sorting through the complexities and concerns of the soul. When the inner world becomes situated and integrated, it becomes much easier to navigate practical challenges of outer life.

Couples Counseling

Therapy helps to create a safe place to engage in meaningful conversations about issues affecting the relationship as well as understanding the character of the relationship itself. My therapeutic style focuses on facilitating dialogue - it is not so much about solving specific problems but enhancing communication patterns so that problems can be solved.

Short-Term Situational Counseling​

We all experience moments of crisis and challenge when life calls for a skill or perspective just beyond our reach. Counseling offers an opportunity to look at the situation from different angles and sort through the best ways to move forward. Having positive and reliable support also gives you the strength and courage to act or the patience to wait for the situation to turn.

School Support

Counseling support for students and families. Address emotional / behavioral concerns that impact academic and / or social learning. Strengthen communication between families and schools. Identify resources within the surrounding community. Help develop unified strategies between parents and teachers to address specific needs​.

Employee Assistance

It is beneficial for organizations to offer employees counseling resources in the event that personal or professional issues arise that impact productivity. Offering a safe and nonjudgmental space to address issues greatly improves employee morale and benefits the organization as a whole. Counseling also addresses intrapersonal conflicts within the work space and improves leadership / communication skills within management.​

Crisis Intervention

Crisis and highly disruptive events do have a significant impact on organizations. Often times management may feel overwhelmed or ill equipped to manage the emotional and psychological consequences of an event. It is very beneficial to have as a resource a crisis intervention specialist to help ground emotions and help facilitate healing, not just for individuals but for the organization as a whole.​

common questions

There are many different styles and orientations of counseling, but fundamentally, therapy depends on the quality of connection you have with the therapist. You need to feel safe and trust that the therapist is able to hear you on a deeper level. My style of therapy is didactic, a conversation meant to reflect and process personal truths. Every situation and every person is unique, but this style is effective in facilitating growth.

There is not a general consensus on how long a therapy session should take. Some people believe it should be regimented to 60 minutes or less while others believe that the therapy itself determines when to end, which could be longer or shorter than an hour. This is a discussion that we can have, but in either case, my fees are based upon session and not time.

Once per week is a good frequency. This allows the time and space to process and practice what takes place within the session. Sometimes, as in the case of a particularly stressful or challenging time, we can see each other more frequently, or at times it is beneficial to see each other less frequently. Everything depends on the situation and what is needed in the moment.

Confidentiality is what makes therapy safe. This is a sacred bond between therapist and client that has ethical and energetic consequences if broken. As client, you own your confidentiality. If you wish for me to share what happens during a session with another person, you are able to give me permission, Otherwise, what we discuss remains between us.

Yes, but it depends on the type of insurance. Insurance companies from different countries have different requirements and procedures, but I will be happy to work with you on that front.

Each session is 130$. I am open to negotiating the fee for individuals who are unable to afford this fee and are committed to therapy. I use Paypal, for payments.

Finding the right therapist is very personal, it comes down to your level of comfort and whether or not you feel the work is going to be valuable at that particular time in your life. Every therapist brings their own personality, experiences, and skill set, which are better suited for some and not for others. Generally speaking, therapists should be safe, nonjudgmental, and focused on your well-being.

Due to the Covid-19, I principally work remotely through telehealth platforms. Like may therapists, I much prefer meeting in person but have found telehealth sessions to be productive and effective. When the Covid eventually withdraws, I will update my site for office locations.

It is well within your right to end therapy. You do not need to provide reasons or justifications. It is customary when you feel you have to come to the end of the counseling journey to have a closing session which serves to honor the work that has been done.

Please send me an email. I know at times its best to have an immediate conversation, but I will respond within 24 hours. We will set up a time for our first meeting and determine between us the preferred communication app. The first meeting will give both of us a chance to see if working together will be beneficial. You are free to ask any questions at that time.

Todd B. Peyton, LPC

licensed professional counselor