Somatic Breathwork and Meditation

Restoring Safety

Create an atmosphere of emotional safety and comfort inside your body



Greater Self Agency

Able to take personal responsibility for managing feelings and emotions

Emotional Awareness

Recognize emotional patterns, triggers, and reduction techniques


Emotional Resilience

Increase emotional capacity to withstand challenges and difficulties


Improved Physical Health

Reverse physical problems related to prolonged anxiety



Better Sleep

Allows for the restorative capacity of sleep to fully function



More Energy

Release energy to focus on important priorities, cultivate vitality


Emotional Connectedness

Strengthen authentic emotional bonds with your Self and with others



Establishing a Somatic Practice

As well as being a practitioner, I teach Vipassana Meditation, Pranayama Breathwork, and TRE (Trauma Release). 

Because everyone is different, I would be happy to work with you to create a program that meets your comfort level, ability, and needs. 

Somatic practices are a wonderful component to counseling because they are designed to manage emotions as they arise within the body.

Vipassana Meditation is a practice rooted in Theravada Buddhism meaning ‘Insight-Wisdom”.  It is the main method for training the mind to become more focused and relaxed allowing the practitioner to have insight into deeper layers of reality.

Pranayama Breathwork is a subset of Kundalini Yoga of the Hindu Vedic tradition used to control ‘Prana’, or life energy, within the body.  Focused breathing is usedIn this system, the body, mind, and emotions are the same substance. Controlling one, controls them all.

TRE, or Tension, Stress and Trauma Release, is a physical exercise program that targets the Vagus Nerve System to elicit a trembling response which discharges and releases feelings of anxiety and stress that has been stored inside the body.

The Stages of Anxiety

IMG_0843 (1)

Anxiety is a constant, underlying emotional potential within the body. Like lava underneath a volcano, anxiety will seek out ways to express itself. Events, or ‘triggers’, small or large, perceived or real, will activate our nervous system in order to protect itself from danger.  


Thoughts will reflect and amplify the anxiety until we are consumed, or flooded, by negative feelings and thoughts; it will seem as though this feeling will last forever.  At this stage people will engage in potentially harmful behaviors in order to relieve the tension.  

Somatic practices will develop your emotional awareness so you will know when this cycle is beginning and how you can prevent it from flooding.  Furthermore, these practices are able to transform the neural pathways eventually neutralizing the anxiety cycle itself. 

Professional Experience

Jungian Analysis

Dr. Robert Johnson; author (He, She, Innerwork), lecturer, Zurich trained analyst, San Diego CA

Father Gregory Santos; Trappist monk, scholar in Aquinas theology, Zurich trained analyst, Flagstaff AZ

Dr. Merideth Moon; Zurich trained analyst, Paia, Maui, HI

Dr. Anita Chapman, Zurich trained analyst, Asheville NC

Dr. Eduardo Duran, clinical psychologist, lecturer, author (Buddha in Redface, Cultural Imperialism) 

Meditation and Yoga

Kyiatisaung Monastery, Thaton State, Myanmar, Honorable Sayado Kyitaisaung, Theravada Tradition, Inner-Path Meditation

Wat Rampueng, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Theravada Tradition, Vipassana-Insight Meditation

Hatha Yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar lineage

Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama Breathing, Swarmi Bhajan lineage, Arjon Satya, Bangkok, Thailand

TRE (Trauma Release)

Work Experience

20 Years of Professional Experience

School Based Therapy

Employee Assistance Programs

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

Business Consultation

Front Line Critical Incidence Specialist

Civilian Therapist for US Military Overseas

15 Years Private Practice Online