Todd B. Peyton, LPC

Integrative Professional Counseling

Situational and Crisis Counseling

Jungian Dream Analysis and In-Depth Psychotherapy

Somatic Practices and Emotional Grounding


Integrative Professional Counseling

I am a licensed professional counselor from the United States based in Chiangmai. With over twenty years of professional experience I specialize in Jungian dream analysis for in-depth psyhotherapy, situational and crisis counseling, and teaching somatic practices for emotional grounding and resiliency.

An integrated approach to counseling considers the intellect, emotions, body, and spirit woven together as an integrated whole.  When any of these areas is out of balance, it can manifest as hurt or pain. 

Integrative counseling works collaboratively with you to understand the uniqueness of your situation and personality, and fully explore possibilities for restoring balance and momentum.    

Crisis & Situational Counseling

Dream Analysis & Psychotherapy

Somatic Practices for Anxiety & Stress

About Todd

Greetings, I am a licensed professional counselor and certified Kundalini teacher from the United States based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am available for consultation at my office in Hangdong or for international clients online. 

I specialize in Jungian dream analysis for in-depth psychotherapy, managing situational crisis, and teaching breathwork and meditation for emotional grounding and resiliency.  I have spent most of my adult life overseas and understand very well the challenges of cross-cultural relationships and living and raising a family in foreign countries.

I have professional experience within school settings, employee assistance programs, addiction retreats, front-line crisis intervention, and eight years as a civilian therapist at US bases overseas.

Within Jungian psychology, I was the last analysand of the author Robert Johnson and worked with Catholic priest, Jungian analyst, and Thomist scholar, Father Gregory Santos.

In 2009 I transitioned to Thailand and studied Inner Path Theravada Buddhism under Venerable Kyiatisaung Sayado at Kyiatisaung monastery in Thaton, Myanmar where I periodically ordained as a monk over a span of seven years. I am a long-term student of Hatha Yoga, but in recent years transitioned to Kundalini Yoga from which I am now a certified instructor.

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