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Certified Telehealth Practitioner

The Role of Counseling

The role of a counselor is to be a positive and reliable support to work with you through personally challenging times. When difficulties arise, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lose direction. Counseling offers the objectivity, space, and opportunity to find the best path forwards.

As a counselor I am not here to tell you what to do … but to listen carefully without judgment to facilitate healing. I do not see you as a diagnosis but as a person. Psychological and emotional pain is real, but often, suffering is a consequence of being within deeply unbalanced situations. 

My style of counseling is dialectic – I ask relevant questions to deepen dialgue. My intention is to look for opportunities of integration and balance. This can be a delicate process, a labor of love, but it leads to greater levels of empowerment, personal responsibility, and life fulfillment.

As an ‘ex-pat’, I know the unique challenges of living away from my home country. My hope is to serve, in my small way, this dynamic community of internationals by offering quality counseling. My door is also open to English-speaking Nationals who find the diialectical approach valuable. 

I recognize there may be hesitancy in using Telehealth for counseling.  The Covid situation has accelerated the use of distance therapy. Most peple, including myself, prefer face to face, but studies show that Telehealth is as effective. My personal experience, after overcoming the technical hurdles, has been very positive … 

Contact & Pricing

To Contact:

Please send an email to or

Message me at WhatsApp +66 93 249 9872 

I will respond within 24 hours


130$ per session. 

Prices are negotiable depending on situation and schedule. 

First session is introductory without obligation unless we continue with future sessions.



Todd B. Peyton, LPC

licensed professional counselor