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dialectic therapy, mindfulness-somatic therapy, Jungian based dream analysis

relationship skills, emotional grounding,  recovery from trauma, divorce, life transitions, career and professional goals, creativity, personal growth 


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Hello, my name is Todd …. 

I have over 20 years experience as a therapist.  I am from the United States but Thailand is my home.    I offer online counseling for the international community in Asia and around the world.

If you are new to counseling and not sure how it works, or if you have experience with counseling and have a clear idea of what you need, you are welcome to meet with me for a 30 minute session to see if working together would be a good fit.  

I am fully dedicated towards creating a safe, focused, and nonjudgmental space for you to work.

Relationship Skills  …

The majority of my clients who come for therapy do so because of relationship issues.  Relationships naturally bring to the surface deeper issuess of self-identity, emotional stability, and self-esteem. Even though you may be in a relationship, often you have to face these difficulties alone.  You will feel grief due to the loss of a relationship, anxiety when worrying about a relationship’s sincerity and direction, or hurt and confused during times of conflict and imbalance. 

I use evidence-based methods and techniques to explore these issues by opening space for you to acknowledge and respect your own feelings and experiences.  As you take ownership of your own individuality, you will begin to have a better understanding of your relationship needs, patterns, and dynamics, and how to restore balance.      

I use three clinical psychotherapeutic techniques,  dialectic therapy, mindfulness-somatic therapy, and Jungian based dream analysis, sometimes in combination, sometimes alone, to provide the flexibility and depth to meet a wide range of psychological goals. Read More

What is dialectic therapy? How does it help ?

Dialectics are specific ways of talking. Talking to a therapist is very different than talking with family, friends, and intimate partners.  In therapy, the focus is on you … we are not trying to find out ‘what’s wrong’, but instead listen closely to your perspective to find patterns and themes that you cannot see because you are too close to your situation.  Just like we need mirrors to see our reflections, we need objective, trained listeners to reflect back to us what is on the inside, and then have a dialectic to see what it means.


How does mindfulness calm my emotions ?

Mindfulness techniques, such as breathing and meditation, are designed to slow your thoughts down so you can consciously explore your emotional landscape. Somatic techniques direct attention to areas in your body where you feel emotional stress.  In therapy, we talk about these emotions, where they come from, how they get started, how strong they are, how long it takes to settle, and what they mean in your life  We will get to know your emotional patterns as much as possible. 


Do dreams mean anything real?

Scientific evidence suggests that dreams process memories and experiences from the previous day.  It is as if there is a ‘dream person’ who reviews our life for us in a ‘dream language’.  The ‘dream person’ creates fantastic scenes outside of space and time and fills it with emotionally toned images loosely strung together to make strange narratives. Our egos are only a smaller part in a larger drama. Dreams are an open window into our inner world and reflect back to us our deepest truths, longings, and aspirations.  


Todd B. Peyton, LPC

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